Neil Waring
Hi as it says above my name is Neil and i live in a little place called Scunthorpe. I am recently Disabled person had a stroke in 1996 in the month of April while on a fishing trip so have just recently taken up Ham Radio that gives me something to do. I dont get far no more without someone takes me, because i get very tied these days driving.
My hobbies and interests include fishing, and ham radio. Fishing because i fish a syndicate water near by to were i live and i can work radio at the same time as i fish, because i use allarms because i fish only for carp & Pike my two favorite fish. But ham radio is becomming more and more so because of my failing health.
My friends are very good to me infact they are more like brothers to me. one is called Nick and the otheres is called John Colin and Ian anything that i want doing they drop what they are doing and come over to give me an hand with what i want  Thats what you call friends the best friends in the world to me.
My Mom and Dad and my three brothers and two sisters. are all still living but my mom and dad are getting older now so there health is failing a little now but as they are nearly 90 years of age things get harder by the day.
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