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Hello…If you're interested in
Bass Guitars, old valve type Marshall Amps, Volkswagen Buses,
Blues music with lots of Funk and Groove? Then there may be something of interest here for you in these pages. Welcome to the fuNkY, bAsS, gRoOVe hOmEpAgE! Here I've tried to put together
a little bit of information about my interests and myself. I'll be adding more links & pages to this site as I get the time.

Last Update: Aug, 2002

The Musical Equipment Pages.

Thunderbird IV Bass Guitar - The greatest bass ever produced by Gibson
1974 Marshall JPM Super Bass 100W Amp - The sweetest amp you'll ever play .
Vox Super Continental Organ - They don't come better than this!
Speaker building Project No. 1 - Building a 15" Bass Guitar Enclosure!
Speaker building Project No. 2 - Building a 2 x 12" Bass Guitar Enclosure!

The Band Pages.

The Doors - There has never been another!

Ray Manzarek - keyboardist with the Doors in concert with Gig Photos.

Eric Burdon - An musical infulence since the 60's

Peter Green - one of the greatest modern blues players with Gig Photos.

statesboro' - Galways Finest Blues Band!

The VW BUS Page

1974 Volkswagen Westfalia Camper Bus



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