One of my occasional hobbies is woodworking. I like to dabble, and have built a few objects rather than buying them. I never end up saving any money since I always use expensive woods and end up buying at least one tool for every project, but I get the satisfaction of having done it myself.

My first project was building a couple of desks for my new house. See the desks here.

I have also done a couple of other projects now that my Sprite is away being worked on. I have the room for either auto restoration or woodworking, so when the car is here I can't very easily do the wood. The first was a customization of my new Explorer. See the armrest here.

My latest project grew out of two separate occurrences. When I bought my house, the previous owner left one of those awful molded glass "crystal" lamps. You know, the kind only a woman could love? Well, I needed a lamp so I've been using it. But I knew I would build a new base for it. See the lamp project here.

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