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My primary hobby, and probably my best, is building plastic models. I stick to what I know: aircraft. Generally I build 1/48 scale, but will build anything larger than 1/100.

I am a member of the Northwest Scale Modelers Association which meets at 7:00PM on the first Thursday of every month at the Seattle Museum of Flight at Boeing Field in Seattle. The club members here are great. They are both non-critical, and astoundingly free with tips, tricks and advice. Everyone in the club seems to have one goal - to help you make the best models you possibly can. I have learned more from these guys in three years than I learned by myself in the previous twenty!

Armed with new found knowledge and the results of applying that knowledge, I began entering local area competitions a few years back. Some of my work has met with success, and I want to thank my friends at the NWSM for making it possible.

Here are a few of my better works. Click on the thumbnail to see the full page for that model:

Cutlass Chance-Vought F7U-3M Cutlass
1/72 scale Fugimi kit
American Eagles, Tacoma, 2000Galaxy Hobby, Lynnwood, WA,  1997Hobbytown USA, Lynnwood, WA, 1997IPMS, Vancouver B.C., 1995Seattle Museum of Flight, 1995IPMS, Seattle, 1997
Horton Ho-229B Nachtjäger
1/48 scale DML kit
American Eagles, Tacoma, 2000Hobbytown USA, Tukwila, WA Fall 1998Hobbytown USA, Lynnwood, WA 1997IPMS Seattle, 1997Seattle Museum of Flight, 1995IPMS Vancouver, B.C., 1998Galaxy Hobby, Lynnwood, WA,  1995
MiG-29 Fulcrum MiG 29 Fulcrum in Iranian colors
1/32 scale Revell kit
IPMS Vancouver, B.C. 1995  (Best Collection)IPMS Seattle, Spring 1997Hobbytown USA, Tukwila 1997Galaxy Hobby, Lynnwood, WA,  Spring 1997
A-36 Apache North American A-36
1/48 scale Accurate Miniatures kit
Galaxy Hobby, Lynnwood, WA,  Spring 1997Hobbytown USA, Tukwila, WA 1998Seattle Museum of Flight, 1998Galaxy Hobby, Lynnwood, WA,  Spring 1995
B-17C Boeing B-17C Flying Fortress
1/72 scale Academy/Minicraft kit
Hobbytown USA, Tukwila, Spring 1997IPMS Vancouver, B.C., Fall 1998Seattle Museum of Flight, 1994Seattle Museum of Flight, 1995 Honorable MentionSeattle Museum of Flight, 1994 Peoples Choice
Ryan STM Ryan STM Trainer
1/48 scale Testors kit
IPMS Vancouver, B.C. Fall 1998Galaxy Hobby, Lynnwood, WA,  Spring 1997
X-3 Douglas X-3 Stiletto
Box scale Revell kit (Approximately 1/63)
Trimotor Fort Trimotor
1/72 scale Monogram kit
F-104 Lockheed F-104 Starfighter
1/48 scale Monogram kit
P-38E Lockheed P-38J Lightning
1/48 scale Academy/Minicraft kit



I am starting to get questions about how I have pulled off some of my effects. See my new FAQ page.

For more information on the aircraft in general, you might want to follow these links:

On modelling, try

or the following commercial links for online supplies of modeling materials and information:

There are many more online sources available. Look for them by searching for productnames like SuperScale, True Details, Eduard, etc.

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