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I was born in 1958 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, to John and Lois Makar. After attending school through 12th grade in Fairfield, Connecticut, I entered the Air Force in 1976. During my next six years in the USAF, I was crew chief on B-52G bombers at Loring AFB in northern Maine. Loring has since closed and it's aircraft have become casualties of the end of the cold war - they were sent to the bone yard around 1990.

After four years at Loring, I was shipped to England where I spent a wonderful 18 months in the Cotswolds, the vacation region. In England, you pretty much go to the seaside, or you go to the Cotswolds on vacation. The Cotswolds are a beautiful region of England, quaint farm cottages with thatched roofs and all that. If you see a postcard of a thatched roof farmhouse, chances are it was taken in the Cotswolds. I lived there, in a farm cottage just off the base at RAF Fairford. The six room cottage had two heated rooms - heated by coal fireplaces!

RAF Fairford was the UK test facility used for flight testing the Concorde. And just down the road was the airdrome at which the RAF Red Arrows were based. We could see them practice from our flight line. They even did some practice shows for us.

After returning from England, I attended Daniel Webster College in Nashua, NH, where in 1986, I received a B.S. in Computer Systems with a degree GPA of 3.4. During my time at DWC, some of my photographs were used on the college's annual report and an autographed copy (my one claim to fame!) was presented to one of the Senators from NH.

After college, I transferred to Phoenix, AZ, where I worked for HAY Systems, a division of the HAY Group. That lasted for three years when the HAY Group closed the Phoenix office. For a time I worked independently, but I'm a lousy boss, so in 1991 I came to Bremerton, WA to work for Applied Technical Systems, Inc. ATS is primarily a military contractor heavily involved in logistics work for the US Navy. So along with one other individual, I am the token Air Force puke among a crew of squids!

At ATS I have been developing a suite of software designed to help the maintenance community aboard US Navy combat vessels diagnose and manage repair activities when equipment casualties occur. The software is getting rave reviews from the maintenance troops, and is being continually incorporated into more ships.

Update - FINALLY!

On January 2, 2002 I finally got married!  I married a wonderful lady named Debra.  She's a Montessori teacher in a public elementary school here.  She teaches 4th, 5th and 6th grades in the same room! She does a remarkable job, too.  All of her students are reading and writing above grade level, and she has math students as far as three grades ahead of their level. Just recently she received her National Board Certification, making her a "master teacher."  Fewer than 1% of the teachers in our state have achieved this. 

I am also working on my MBA/TM (Technology Management).  I have four classes left and should be done on July 21st, 2004.  Independence Day for me.

That takes me to today, where I am teaching myself web page construction, starting with this endeavor.

Significant historical events on my birthday, July 29th

Significant birthdays on my birthday

Significant deaths on my birthday (it's not my fault!)

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