Just Another Manga Ka
  Hello, and welcome to Just Another Manga Ka's page, also know as JAMangaka!  I hope everyone has a wonderful day and enjoys my site.

I've gratuated!!  And am moving on to goin' to college!  I wont be leaving home though!  Yeah!

I got my webcomic started a while back, Soapbox Hill.  I added a link to it over in the "Places to Be" section.
And I just made a really cool animated banner, which can be seen at the top of  my page!  click it to head to my comic!
I'll try to update this page more ofted in the future, well at least once a month.

Oh! New art in the Random Art section!  Check it out! Just Click  the pic of Chibi Ceasura!!
This is a final colored pic of an earlier sketch of Vash.  I colored it after people on Gaia online kept bugging me too.
Great places to be:
Soapbox Hill *
Antarctic Press
To Hel
How to Draw Manga
Drunk Duck Webcomics
To Random Art!!
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