12/13/08 THE TERMINATORS give Sonya's Bane
            1) Javon Walker
            2) 2008 Round 4 pick
         Sonya's Bane give THE TERMINATORS
            1) Kurt Warner
            2) 2008 Round 9 pick

08/12/08 Angry Attackin' Ants give Hikiwawe 'Anapu'u
            1) 2008 Round 1 pick
            2) 2008 Round 10 pick
         Hikiwawe 'Anapu'u give Angry Attackin' Ants
            1) Reggie Bush
            2) 2008 Round 3 pick

09/04/08 Giant WEE-zels place Houston RB Chris Brown on IR
09/04/08 Giant WEE-zels pick Tampa Bay RB Warrick Dunn

09/09/08 Doomsday Maulers place New England QB Tom Brady on IR
09/09/08 Doomsday Maulers pick New England QB Matt Cassel
09/10/08 Hikiwawe 'Anapu'u release Cleveland RB Jason Wright
09/10/08 Hikiwawe 'Anapu'u pick New England RB Sammy Morris
09/12/08 Indiana Dukes place Seattle REC Nate Burleson on IR
09/12/08 Indiana Dukes pick Jacksonville REC Matt Jones

09/23/08 THE TERMINATORS release New Orleans RB Deuce McAllister
09/23/08 THE TERMINATORS pick Philadelphia RB Correll Buckhalter
09/23/08 Midnight 49ers release Jacksonville REC Troy Williamson
09/23/08 Midnight 49ers pick Seattle RB TJ Duckett
09/23/08 Gutty Little Bruins release Cleveland REC Donte Stallworth
09/23/08 Gutty Little Bruins pick NY Jets REC Chansi Stuckey
09/23/08 Giant WEE-zels release Oakland REC Javon Walker
09/23/08 Giant WEE-zels pick New Orleans REC David Patten
09/23/08 Doomsday Maulers release Houston RB Ahman Green
09/23/08 Doomsday Maulers pick Tampa Bay QB Brian Griese
09/23/08 THE TERMINATORS release Jacksonville QB David Garrard
09/23/08 THE TERMINATORS pick Oakland RB Michael Bush
09/24/08 Sonya's Bane release RB Tatum Bell
09/24/08 Sonya's Bane pick Jacksonville QB David Garrard
09/25/08 Headless Chickens release Tampa Bay QB Jeff Garcia
09/25/08 Headless Chickens pick Chicago QB Kyle Orton
09/25/08 Headless Chickens release Arizona QB Matt Leinart
09/25/08 Headless Chickens pick New Orleans K Martin Gramatica
09/26/08 Giant WEE-zels release St Louis QB Marc Bulger
09/26/08 Giant WEE-zels pick New Orleans REC Lance Moore
09/26/08 The Longshots release Miami REC Derek Hagan
09/26/08 The Longshots pick New Orleans REC Devery Henderson

09/30/08 Doomsday Maulers release NY Jets RB Leon Washington
09/30/08 Doomsday Maulers pick Denver RB Ryan Torain
09/30/08 The Longshots release Tampa Bay REC Joey Galloway
09/30/08 The Longshots pick New Orleans RB Deuce McAllister
10/01/08 Midnight 49ers place Pittsburgh RB Rashard Mendenhall on IR
10/01/08 Midnight 49ers pick Pittsburgh RB Mewelde Moore
10/02/08 Giant WEE-zels release Chicago REC Rashied Davis
10/02/08 Giant WEE-zels pick NY Jets QB Chad Pennington
10/03/08 Gutty Little Bruins release Cleveland K Phil Dawson
10/03/08 Gutty Little Bruins pick Buffalo K Rian Lindell

10/07/08 Angry Attackin' Ants release Jacksonville REC Jerry Porter
10/07/08 Angry Attackin' Ants pick Baltimore RB Le'Ron McClain
10/07/08 Hikiwawe 'Anapu'u release Buffalo REC James Hardy
10/07/08 Hikiwawe 'Anapu'u pick Carolina REC Muhsin Muhammad
10/08/08 The Jade Monkeys release Seattle REC Courtney Taylor
10/08/08 The Jade Monkeys pick NY Giants K John Carney
10/08/08 The Jade Monkeys release Kansas City RB Kolby Smith
10/08/08 The Jade Monkeys pick Minnesota QB Gus Frerotte

10/15/08 THE TERMINATORS place Detroit QB Jon Kitna on IR
10/15/08 THE TERMINATORS pick Oakland QB JaMarcus Russell
10/15/08 The Longshots release Denver RB Andre Hall
10/15/08 The Longshots pick Dallas QB Brad Johnson
10/16/08 Angry Attackin' Ants release Jacksonville K Josh Scobee
10/16/08 Angry Attackin' Ants pick San Francisco K Joe Nedney
10/16/08 Hikiwawe 'Anapu'u release San Francisco REC Bryant Johnson
10/16/08 Hikiwawe 'Anapu'u pick Atlanta K Jason Elam
10/17/08 Giant WEE-zels release Cincinnati K Shayne Graham
10/17/08 Giant WEE-zels pick Seattle K Olindo Mare

10/21/08 THE TERMINATORS release Green Bay K Mason Crosby
10/21/08 THE TERMINATORS pick Tennessee K Rob Bironas
10/21/08 Angry Attackin' Ants place New England RB Laurence Maroney on IR
10/21/08 Angry Attackin' Ants pick Denver RB Michael Pittman
10/24/08 Sonya's Bane release Minnesota REC Sidney Rice
10/24/08 Sonya's Bane picks Philadelphia K David Akers
10/24/08 Headless Chickens release Jacksonville REC Reggie Williams
10/24/08 Headless Chickens pick Tampa Bay QB Jeff Garcia

10/28/08 Doomsday Maulers release Oakland REC Ronald Curry
10/28/08 Doomsday Maulers pick St Louis REC Donnie Avery
10/28/08 Midnight 49ers release San Francisco REC Vernon Davis
10/28/08 Midnight 49ers pick Pittsburgh REC Nate Washington
10/29/08 Midnight 49ers release Seattle RB TJ Duckett
10/29/08 Midnight 49ers pick Washington K Shaun Suisham
10/29/08 The Longshots release Indianapolis K Adam Vinatieri
10/29/08 The Longshots pick NY Jets RB Leon Washington
10/30/08 Angry Attackin' Ants release San Francisco K Joe Nedney
10/30/08 Angry Attackin' Ants pick Green Bay K Mason Crosby

11/05/08 Angry Attackin' Ants place Denver RB Michael Pittman on IR
11/05/08 Angry Attackin' Ants pick Cincinnati RB Cedric Benson
11/06/08 Headless Chickens place New Orleans K Martin Gramatica on IR
11/06/08 Headless Chickens pick Baltimore QB Joe Flacco
11/06/08 Gutty Little Bruins release Green Bay RB Brandon Jackson
11/06/08 Gutty Little Bruins pick Miami REC Greg Camarillo

11/11/08 Doomsday Maulers place Denver RB Ryan Torain on IR
11/11/08 Doomsday Maulers pick New England RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis

11/25/08 Midnight 49ers place Tampa Bay RB Earnest Graham on IR
11/25/08 Midnight 49ers pick Tampa Bay RB Cadillac Williams
11/25/08 Gutty Little Bruins place Miami REC Greg Camarillo on IR
11/25/08 Gutty Little Bruins pick Arizona REC Steve Breaston

12/02/08 Gutty Little Bruins release NY Jets REC Chansi Stuckey
12/02/08 Gutty Little Bruins picks Denver RB Peyton Hillis

12/11/08 Hikiwawe 'Anapu'u release Detroit RB Kevin Jones
12/11/08 Hikiwawe 'Anapu'u pick Seattle REC John Carlson
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