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wendey - 12/01/00 02:26:18
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Hey Neil, Love your paintings. The one of driving gives me a lot of 'feelings'! Tango Tulip is my favorite. I wish I could come back to the day programme to do more pottery. I miss it. Thanks for your wisdom! Wendey

Hugh & Aileen Jervis - 10/26/00 21:58:06
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Gave your web no to my friend the artist if you want to have look www.kenhamilton.com

Ya'acov Solomon - 10/18/00 00:22:57

Great work. We may have to update it to the group of eight! Blessings, Ya'acov

Nikki - 10/15/00 01:32:22

By the way Neil I would like one of your larger lazer prints of "And God said..." with an explanation

The Rose Bush (Nikki) - 10/15/00 01:29:05

Great site Neil. It's wonderful to see your art on the net. I look forward to seeing more. I hope you have lots of exposure and are ahle to network with lots of people who appreciate your art! I don't have a url yet but maybe one day. Take Care, Nikk

looby mooby-hammer dog - 10/03/00 03:01:14

amaaaaaaaazing!!!!!!!!!!! i love it sooooooo much!!!!!

- 09/15/00 01:06:11
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Dear Neil, Michael and I have been enjoying your paintings. I must say that one of my favorites is the romantic couple on the wedding card. Thank you. Also, we loved, And God said. love to all, Michael and Floryn

- 08/30/00 02:18:37


kaja - 08/15/00 18:46:23

hey! I liked your site!! is it you who have painteed that picture? it was nice!! hope you had a great time here in norway! maybe i will come to canada sometime and visit you all!!! *kari janne*

Richard - 07/29/00 07:59:24
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I like your site Neil. It's like saying " here's me, look what I'm interested in and what I'm doing now. I'll show you around." I wish you great success in selling your art, which is the best affirmation.

Carmen - 07/25/00 04:40:52
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Neil, Way to go! You are doing some wonderful images. How you have grown over the years in your art. God bless you in this....Carmen

Wendi Collins - 06/19/00 21:45:33

Your paintings are wonderful. You are very talented!

- 06/15/00 00:07:45

Hi Neil! I finally have visited your web site. I am impressed! I'll see you tomorrow at work. Michelle

Dan the Man - 06/11/00 09:15:48
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Great site dad! Keep up the good work!

- 06/09/00 07:29:16

Beautiful painting Neil! Hope to see more on via www as your site grows!! Take care, Pearl

Jana - 06/08/00 15:39:03

Cool page Dad-e-o! Are you planning to put more art on it? I think you should put the pear boy (or whatever it's called...I'm guessing that's not it's real name!) on it!+

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