My art reveals the passion and creative energy that gives shape and form to my inspiration.  Streams of light envelope my subjects with warmth and radiance in recognition that the world we see is touched and surrounded by the mystery of creation. 

I am motivated by the beauty of this world and by the beauty that transcends the external.  I invite the viewer to look beyond the surface of my last layer of paint, into that realm of consciousness where together we can interface with the still small voice that belongs to the most creative power in the universe.

Neil Loewen

Form, movement and colour fascinate me.  I remember, as a child, spending hours tracing designs in the air, whether it was the shape of a tree or the features of a human face or figure.  Later when I studied art in school, the energy and colour of the impressionists inspired me.  I especially liked the rolling hillsides of the Group of Seven's A.Y. Jackson and the stylized form characteristic in Lauren Harris' landscapes.  Some of my recent watercolours drew from that early inspiration.  Mostly, though, I find myself in constant amazement whenever I look at the intricate detail, colour and light in God’s creation.

In my work I often strive to go beyond mere superficial treatment of the subject by including meaning and context so that the viewer will stop to contemplate how the image viewed relates to oneself and to the world.  Collaging images into one piece of art somewhat simulates the working of the mind and presents the viewer with a visual poem.  I feel most satisfied when my art is able to deliver a message that transcends realistic representation and enters the world of spirit, ideas and values, as in my recent paintings “Prayer for Africa” and “Dreaming for a Homeland”.

I have worked in a variety of media, including oils and mixed water media, including water colour, pen and ink  and acrylic.  In 1995 I illustrated a book of poetry (Grasping for the Garden by Jannette Edmonds) with black and white pen and ink drawings and a full colour water colour for the front cover.  I have served as the president of the Central Fraser Valley Graphics Guild since 1997 and exhibited my artwork in several juried group shows at the Kariton Gallery since March 1997.  In November 1998, I was elected to the Abbotsford Arts Council executive and in 1999 became an Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.  I am also a member of the Mission Artist Association.

Besides my love and passion for art, I am a practicing Registered Psychiatric Nurse and have worked as a group therapist in Burnaby for over 16 years.
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Artistic Memberships:

Abbotsford Arts Council:                      Director
Central Fraser Valley Graphic Guild:     President
Federation of Canadian Artists:             Active Member
Mission Artist Association:                     Member
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