King of Ghana
Prayer for Africa
Ghana King Nana Okatakyie Agyemang Kudom IV , President of Brong-Ahafo Region 49 member House of Chiefs and Omanhene of Nkoranza Traditional area visited Abbotsford in May 2002

The King  is wearing a ceremonial garment made of hand-woven kente cloth that is  a visual representation of Ghanaian history, philosophy, ethics, moral values, social codes of conduct, religious beliefs and aesthetic principles.  Colours and designs reserved for kings symbolize royalty, elegance, creative ingenuity, excellence, wealth, perfection and superior craftsmanship.  The symbol in the upper corner is a symbol of he omnipotence of God.

A print of this painting was sent along with Elgin Taylor on a subsequnet visit to Ghana and was presented to the King.  It is now hanging on a wall in King Nana Okatakyie Agyemang Kudom IV's palace in Nkoranza.
Elgin Taylor with Omanhene Agyemang Kudom IV in Abbotsford
King Agyemang Kudom IV  receiving medical equipment and supplies donated from Germany for a hospital in Nkoranza
Prayer for Africa is about the military, political, and spiritual struggle taking place in continental Africa . Armed legionaires are confronted by angels who shine light into the darkness.

It is about oppression and persecution, yet it is also about those who have had the courage to stand firm in the face of the enemy and are of the
"fellowship of the unashamed".
Dreaming for a Homeland
This painting is about the Ethiopian Jewish people who left Ehiopia to go to their homeland in the land of Israel.  They have been considered "Falashas" in Ethiopia or "outcasts" becaue they have never fit into the mainstream of Ethiopian society.  Their dream was for a homeland where they could live and be accepted for who they are .  The girl in the painting is leaving behind the lush jungles of Africa for the dusty hills of Judea.  In the last year  we have come to know a family who was involved in Operation Solomon and now live in Canada.  The painting is done in acrylic, mixed media and collage and is painted on a map of Israel.
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