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Im so broke my next living quarters has "This Side Up" printed on one side. My car is 12 years old and the engine sounds like an out of tune drummer from a punk rock band. The body is in fairly good shape if you can see it through the billows of choking blue smoke. My $14.00 Walmart Tennis Shoes are worn out, no wardrobe to speak of. I need a suit, shoes, books, supplies, an engine for my car, a coat would be nice, and some sheckles for room and board sure would'nt hurt either.


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Why I need your help...

I am a Junior at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith and taking 23 semester hours this Spring/03, which leaves me little time to work, let alone find a job that will allow for my curriculum schedule.

My Pops passed away last Febuary 22, 2002 and the last thing he requested of me was that I get my degree in Computer Science. I fully intend on keeping my promise to him and perhaps go on to obtain my Master's degree so I can one day teach. My mom is disabled and struggling herself now that she has lost a significant portion of her income.

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About me...

My Name is Neil Horton, I am in my 3rd year working on my B.S in Information Technology. I have roughly 3 semesters left to go. I currently have a 3.68 grade point average.

I am a member of the University Honor's Organization, Phi Theta Kappa and the National Dean's List I recently received the a National Science Foundation Scholarship that helps pay for my tuition. Verifiable!

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