The "Stakeout"
On September 30, we met with our builder at our lot to stake out the property.  The pictures below show where our house and sand mound will go.
This picture shows where our driveway will be.  The 2 red marks I sketched in are the corner stakes on the property lines, 100 feet apart.  The Jeep is parked at the 50 foot mark.  We will be cutting away the bank to have a nice gentle slope in the driveway back to the house.
This picture shows the locaiton of the house.  The stakes were hard to see in the picture, so I sketched red marks over them.  The Jeep is parked inside the garage.  In this picture you are looking back at the road - the opposite angle from where the picture above was taken.
This is where our sand mound septic system will be.  It is going to be 16 feet wide by 48 feet long, with 33 inches of sand above ground.  You can see two of the stakes in the foreground - the other 2 are harder see.  This is the area that Steve helped me clear off to find where the perk and probe tests had been done 3 years ago.  The brush had really grown thick.
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