On October 18, we started excavation.  By the end of the day, the driveway was cut in and the area where the house will be was cleared of top soil.
After the bulldozer made a few passes, the fine work was done by the backhoe.  The finished driveway will be 12 feet wide.
Next, a 15 foot wide by 50 foot long section of "geo-mat" had to be placed down.  This material is required by York County conservation regulations and is designed to keep the rock from sinking into the soil.
After the geo-mat, 6 inches of #1 (4 inch) stone was put down.  After construction is complete next spring, we will be laying down a top coat of 2B Modified crushed stone.
Here is inspector Collen checking the work.  In this picture, the driveway is dug up to the point where it will start making a sweeping left-hand turn to curl around the end of the garage.
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