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RC Boat.

If you don't like to be around water, then R/C boat is not a hobby for you. But if you love being around water and crazy enough to see the power and thrust produce by  a real large scale power boat and you can't climb aboard a  real one at the moment, this the the next best thing that going to happen to you.
The best power boat is again GAS. It's hard to beat the gas powered boats for great sound.

But one this to note is that if you are looking for pure speed, you may be suprised to know that the current record for a R/C boat was actually an electric power boat that reach 120MPH.
These picture was taken by my friend Nicholas while I was piloting the R/C boat.  Picture was taken on the 25th Sept 2005 at 4pm in Dumpil Bay.
General Specification for this R/C Boat.

This is a RTR Turbo Jet  Electric. If no one know what is a RTR means, it is 
Ready To Run. It is similar to a R/C plane which sometimes stated ARF or RTF.  This Turbo jet speed boat come ready to race right out of the box. No assemble is required. Professionally designed and manufactured twin propellers which not only provide  very fast speeds but  are very strong and durable.
Dimension of the R/C Boat
Length : 24 inch

Width  : 9 inch

Height  : 5 inch
Special features includes:

1. 7.2 V rechargeble batteries
2. remote control, battery pack and 
3. Ready to Run
4. Glossy exterior paint
5. Twin motor that provide fast speed
6. Vector push design, easy to
7. 100% metal actuating mechanism 
    which is durable.
Some R/C boat are designed after a real racing boats and very few people get the chance to actually race the full size version.
You'll want to find a smooth water since just like in a full-size boat, a waves can cause you to flip over.  My suggestion is to find a small pond or lake where the ripple cause by the waves is little or less. Which in turn provide the optimum speed and to prevent the boat to bounce over the water which will cause speed degradation.
The picture above was taken right after the initial start, notice the boat tip up due to the power of the twin propeller which provide maximum thrust. Please note that this R/C boat was played in a open area at the sea. It would be nice if it was played in a pond or a lake. Picture on the right show the waves that was create by the R/C boat as it speed up.
Picture on the left shows the water splash cause by the twin propeller. Better stand further of you going to get wet.
Some of the photograph that was taken.
Overall performance.

This boat is great. With this boat, it can reach probably  the speed about 20km/h or 25km/h. The maximum range it can go is about 100 metre. Please note that this R/C require a 27mhz transmitter.

Charging time require about approx 4 to 6 hrs, but that depend on the battery Mah and the
charger Ma. Suppose that the battery Mah is about 1700 and the charger probably about 500Ma. Just divide both figure. Then you will get about 3.4 hrs of charging time. but I suggest it would be wise to add another 20% extra of charging time. That will give plenty amount of time to play. 

This R/C turbo jet can handle sharp turn easily. With only turning left or right of the controller, this boat can bend corner with little speed sacrifice and accelerate very quickly on long straight. However this R/C boat is a 2 channel  R/C that is suitable for young adults and older people that like power boats. Finally , this boat can only go forward, left and right. Too bad, it can't reverse. That is for now, i am going to write another article for my R/C warship and the Hydro Sports boat soon. Well, that all folks. Take care.
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