Press Release 05-11-00



Susan Kurbis – Cut Habitat (Environmental Youth Alliance) Ph: 689-4463

Kurbis has been working for 6 years on preserving the Grandview Cut. She lives in the False
Creek Flats. She feels very strongly that the environment is always being compromised in
East Vancouver and is very aware of the trend to disregard the needs of the lower income
community here and their need for green space. She wants the public to understand that the
Cut is also the only wildlife corridor in East Vancouver and is vital in that it provides habitat
and fresh water for many animals and birds in the city. Kurbis is afraid that the Cut will be
“demolished” to make way for the new SkyTrain Millenium line.

Hilary Ann Scott – Resident

Scott owns a house near the Grandview Cut on 7th Avenue. She is worried about the
property value of her house taking a nose dive when the new line is constructed. She is also
concerned about the environment, the noise, the enormous cost in dollars and in changes to
her lifestyle. She walks her dog through the Cut quite often and doesn’t know if she’ll be
able to do that again once construction begins.

Cassandra Freeman – Resident

Freeman moved into an apartment metres away from the Grandview Cut about six weeks
ago. The new line will be about 25 feet from her bedroom window. The reason she moved
into the neighbourhood is because of the 80-foot trees on the south slope that make the
perfect view for a writer, like herself. Most of these trees will likely be cut down in order for
the new line to go up. Freeman is angry that the needs of residents of the Grandview Cut
have been ignored once again. Soon there will be 5 trains running past her building: the
existing SkyTrains, the railway train and the new Skytrains running in both directions.

Deming Smith – SkyTrain Politics/S.P.E.C. -736-7732

Deming Smith is the board member who looks at transportation issues for the
Society for the Promotion of Environmental Conservation. He also works as a
Transportation consultant. Smith has been fighting the Millenium line for
the last two years which has meant fighting the province every step of the

During this time S.P.E.C. has been part of a coalition called "Coalition for
Skytrain Review" formed with a number of other lower mainland environmental,
neighbourhood, transit and advocacy groups. SPEC is opposing the line because
it strongly supports more and better public transit for the region and believes further
SkyTrain construction will accomplish exactly the opposite. SPEC believes that the project
is grossly overpriced technology which is draining public resources away from more
effective and urgently needed public transit improvements. SPEC has long called for a full
and independent environmental assessment. This would confirm that the SkyTrain extension
will do virtually nothing to increase transit usage, improve regional airquality or reduce
traffic congestion.

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