M.A./M.Sc. Programme:  Duration : 4 Semesters.

Starting Admission  in June-July every year.

No. of Seats 55

                Compulsory Papers: Political Economy; Macro-Economic Analysis-I; Mathematics for Economists; Techniques of Statistical Analysis; Macro-Economic Analysis-II; Micro-Economic Analysis-I; Public Economics; Economics of Development and Planning; Micro-Economic Analysis-II; International Trade; Indian Economy; Economics of Environment and North-Eastern Region.

Optional Papers: Monetary Economics-I; Monetary Economics-II; Theories of Industrial Economics; Industrial Organization in India; Econometrics-I; Econometrics-II; Computer Applications in Quantitative Economics-I; Computer Applications in Quantitative Economics-II; Economics of Agriculture-I; Economics of Agriculture-II.


The Course Structure and List of Optional Courses


First Semester:                                                                                                                                                                                 

ECO 101:                Public Economics                                                

ECO 102:                Macro-Economic Analysis-I                                               

ECO 103:                Mathematics for Economists                                            

ECO 104:                Micro-Economic Analysis-I                                              

Second Semester:

ECO 201:                Macro-Economic Analysis-II                                            

ECO 202:                Micro-Economic Analysis-II                                             

ECO 203:                Statistical Analysis                                                             

ECO 204:                Economics of Growth and Development           

Third Semester:

ECO 301:                International Trade                                                               

ECO 302:                Economics of Environment and Social Sector-I             



Fourth Semester:

ECO 401:                Economics of Environment and Social Sector-II              

ECO 402:                Indian Economic Policy                                                       




Optional courses (in Semester III – code ECO 3…and Semester IV – code ECO 4...) are to be offered from the following list:


ECO 3001               Industrial Economics-I                                                       

ECO 3002               Labour Economics-I                                                             

ECO 3003               Econometrics-I                                                                      

ECO 3004               Demography-I                                                                       

ECO 3005               Agricultural Economics-I                                                     

ECO 3006               Economics of Gender and Development-I                        

ECO 3007               Computer Applications in Economic Analysis-I             

ECO 3008               Economics of Infrastructure-I                                             

ECO 3009               Economics of Law-I                                                            

ECO 3010               Welfare Economics-I                                                          

ECO 3011               Economy of North-Eastern Region                                    

ECO 4001               Industrial Economics-II                                                      

ECO 4002               Labour Economics-II                                                            

ECO 4003               Econometrics-II                                                                     

ECO 4004               Demography-II                                                                      

ECO 4005               Agricultural Economics-II                                   

ECO 4006               Economics of Gender and Development-II                       

ECO 4007               Computer Applications in Economic Analysis-II            

ECO 4008               Economics of Infrastructure-II                                            

ECO 4009               Budgetary Theory and Practice                                        

ECO 4010               Welfare Economics-II                                                         


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