Neha Chadha

I am majoring in Health Care Administration and will graduate in May 2007 from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. My background begins in India where I was born and completed school up to 10th grade. I have two siblings, my elder brother studies in India and the younger sibling is still in High School. I came to the United States to visit my uncle who permanently resides in the United States. My Uncle influenced me to stay in the United States and pursue a college education. I decided to stay in Las Vegas and complete my schooling. I did my junior year at Las Vegas High School and senior year at Mountain View Christian High School. I describe myself as an aspiring individual with a desire to enter into my major field of Health Care Administration. My work experience consists of being a cashier at a Dollar King Store from 1999-2000 in Las Vegas, and for the past six years, I have been working as a Sales Executive in a Retail Jewelry Store. Recently, I completed a Health Care Administration Internship at University Medical Center where I gained very valuable knowledge and experience in a Health Care setting.

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