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At Captain RAN's San Juan Sailing Experience

We provide people with the know-how of the sailing world, surfing and other marine knowledge. We transfer knowledge by experience, using your own vessels and/or equipment whenever possible. We teach you the ropes, the manageability of your vessel and equipment, as well as the limitations.

Our Mission:

To provide customized sailing and marine experience suited to the individuals. To train and instruct on the handling of small vessels by transferring practical knowledge through the art of experience. To carry out the learning experience on the students own vessels whenever possible.  To provide the best of these services to the boating world.

Our Vision:

Knowledge transfer of State of the art Sailing and Marine Experience.

Who We Are: 

Captain RAN is better known as "Ralph or Papo" and his real name is Rafael Negron. He has been sailing, surfing and fishing all of his life.  A  Licensed Captain by the US Coast Guard, a former Puerto Rico Sailing Champion and Caribbean Sailing Champion. He holds the Governors Cup Trophy for the Around Puerto Rico Non Stop Sailboat Race.  He has shared his knowledge and experience with many, and in the process he developed a unique style of knowledge transfer. 

What We Do:

At Captain Ran's we use a personalized formula to teach, assist, and transfer knowledge according to each individual or group.  

We work directly with you in the search and selection of a suitable vessel according to your requirements.  

We assist you in getting the financing, vessel survey, vessel delivery, and suitable insurance coverage, as the case may be.  We can even assist you in choosing the right marina or club in your best interest. 

In essence, we transfer the knowledge of the Marine Experience to You.

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