J.C Greens Negro Fino GameFarm
The Gamefowl and knowledge I have obtained over the years, through hard work and friendship, have been the key to my success. I would like to thank my friends, you know who you are! These Game fowl have proved themselves in my hands and others, year after year. The breeds are Cuban's, Puerto Rican's, and Spanish. I compete with Naked Heels, Postiza's, and the 1/4 inch knife. 

                     New Pictures are Here!
  Pictures of my chickens are available for viewing, however, I am not in the business of selling fowl. We will be adding more pictures after the moult. If you have any thoughts on gamefowl, or this website, that you would like to share, then your welcome to e-mail me. If your thirst for Game fowl websites has not been quenched, then check out our links. And if you are a fan of the Pitbull Dog, we invite you to check out our kennel of bulldogs. Last but not least, let us know you were here by signing our guest book
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