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Liz From Ohio - Jan 27, 2000 

Excellent Vibe, Funky-Fancy Rooms, Great Location and Views
There were so many things we liked about Blue Cave - the view from the grounds is gorgeous but when we climbed the (three flights of) stairs up to our (penthouse) room - the view became absolutely incredible. We had four deck/patios of our own (we wondered aloud often where the other 50 people we should be sharing the space with were!) and the one on top of our room offered awesome views of Negril beach, the cliffs, the sea and the hills. It's a complete 360 degree panoramic view obstructed only by the hills to the east. We just walked around with our mouths open the first few days.

The castle is the highest point around there and we stayed in the highest's also not so far up the cliffs that the view of the beach is lost (as it is further along) and we really enjoyed looking out at night. The lights on the beach were like a long necklace glittering on the white sand.

The room is made for honeymooners - totally private. We had a kitchen but other than the fridge and sink, we didn't really use it. The room is not like any we'd stayed in here or in Jamaica. It's not fancy in the sense that the towels and sheets don't always match and there's a crack or two in the ceiling but everything says "castle" and it's so over the top, it's cool.

The wooden bed and wardrobe and every other piece of furniture had castle touches - the top of the bed and the tops of most everything is cut like a castle top. The bedspreads were castle-like, the walls are castle-like - to get the idea you almost have to go, or at least check out the pictures on the web site.

The price was really low for what we got and we had no mosquitos in the room or around it at all. The cliffs are breezy :)

Susan puts out coffee every morning and we grew to love "coffee hour". Everyone ("everyone" meant about 15 people when we were there - this is a relatively small place) comes down to the tables by the sea and has coffee and conversation. The other guests when we were there included a group of ten staying at Blue Cave for their 13th time.

There isn't a restaurant at Blue Cave at the moment though there may be when you get there. No matter anyway, we grew to love our little neighborhood on the cliffs - lots of food and drink within an easy walk.

We stayed in a brand-new one bedroom suite in a hotel in MoBay our last night in Jamaica and just cried - it felt like a sterile hospital room after Blue Cave! We highly recommend it if you are on a budget but still want something special. It's easily worth twice the price.

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Blue Cave Castle
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Traveler from California - Jan 17, 2000  
Enter Through The Gates...
Blue Cave was like being in Negril before the road came through ...the property is "walled off" and provides the ultimate in cliff-side mellowness. We were there during spring break and enjoyed that spectacle in small doses, retreating to the serenity of the court yard and our room. The rooms are extraordinary and cool; we marvelled at the uniqueness and artistry throughout our stay. Blue Cave merges the pirate heydays with the hippie heydays to create its own magical fantasy.
Doug From Jersey - Dec 10, 1999 
A Very Special, Magical Place.
The cliffs in Negril are far superior to the beach as a place to stay, and no place on the cliffs can beat the Blue Cave Castle. You know you've made the correct choice when tourists staying in far more expensive places on the beach stop their busses and sailboats to take pictures of this place. It is a truly extraordinary architectural achievement. The Castle has wonderful, unique rooms, but its best feature is a large courtyard that provides guests with a private place to relax away from the crowds outside. The owner, Susan, provides first-rate hospitality. My friends and I keep coming back year after year; our favorite thing about the entire island is the Blue Cave Castle.

Thomas From Missouri - Dec 01, 1999  
Good Value for the Price. Not Fancy, but Special.
Stayed at Blue Cave a few years ago. Very relaxed. Good food. One of a kind. Special birds in the cave that would make some ornithologists jump up and down. See the bottom of the sea bed from millions of years ago as you descend the stairs leading to the cave or grotto - fossils on the walls, fossils are the walls. Local folk about, just watch yourself.

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Sistah Rose - July 20, 2000 
Unique & Quiet
Maybe one day I will write a real trip report. But for now, I just wanna RAVE about The Blue Cave Castle on the Cliffside. I am SO missing it right now. Anybody who is looking for a real Negril experience in a magical place where you actually feel like a part of a COMMUNITY should check out Susan, a New Yorker who owns The Castle. It really looks like a piece of blue heaven out the Middle Ages. Very comfortable, intriquing spaces, killer sunsets, cool people like RastaJohn who's the manager at the Yacht Club. Check out his website at [email protected]. He's THE MAN to know. The Castle is the place to stay. Inexpensive for a home away from home. Every morning Susan's staff puts out the coffee and all the guests come out of their rooms - sometimes quite hung-over from the Beach Party the night before - grab their Blue Mountain and chat about WhatEVER. You really get to know people here. I guarantee that if you are cool, you will make some cool friends. And taking a skinny dip in the Blue Cave underneath the property....there's nothing like it, mon.

Jerry in Atlanta - July 20, 2000 
Our sunset @ Blue Cave Castle
.........we went up cliffside to play around on the scooter, our last eve in Negril. Once again, I have to say that if you know what you're doing, 2-wheeling is just fine and a lot more attractive than a cab. (please don't rent a scooter without the benefit of my how-to/safety rant) We stopped at Blue Cave Castle, read the sign that said "no tours" or something like that and of course assumed it didn't apply to us. A guy at the gate asked if we wanted to see the place - sure... Susan was alseep, so we walked around for awhile and then settled on a bench overlooking the cliff and reveled in maybe the most astounding sunset of our lives, way above the water. We forgot the camera. It doesn't matter. We both agreed that as much as we love Firefly, we've GOT to stay at Blue Cave someday. And we'd never seen the inside...... Extremely Big Up....

Georgiajan - July 20, 2000 
Funny Sunset Story @ Blue Cave Castle
It is a great sunset spot. A group of us had rented 3-4 rooms, including the penthouse for a week. The first 2 nights as we sat on the great patio watching the sunset, it seemed the sunset cruise catamaran would cross the sunset at just the wrong time for our serenity, especially since the boat would come close to shore for folks to see the cave, etc. They were particularly rowdy, noisy, and we thought invading our space. On the 3rd night as the boat approached, one of our friends stood ready at the wall. With the party noise reaching a crescendo in front of us, she waved, turned around, lifted her dress and "mooned" them. Incredibly-- immediate total silence. AAAhhh, the sunset. For the rest of the week, we had "no problems" with the sunset cruise boat. Jerry you should stay there sometime. ALmost every room has a private patio with perfect sunset views. The caves are really cool to swim in and around. The rooms are all different and very romantic.

Dave and Elaine - July 20, 2000 
My wife and I stayed there for the first time the middle two weeks of Feb.. It is secure , beautiful, has a great staff and owner and it is reasonable. I highly recommend it. We will stay there again. Susan, if you read this, I was the big quiet guy whose wife lost a day in paradise thanks to AA and had to spend a night on the floor of the Miami Airport.

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