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Picture a surreal atmosphere of adult adolescence, caps to Red Stripe bottles that pave an intoxicating road to a sandy paradise, a diversionary screen of blondes, live music at an outdoor cafe on a Saturday afternoon in Buckhead,the newest issue of Rolling Stone with Sarah Michelle Gellar or Rebecca Romijn on the cover, J. Crew clothes on sale at ungodly prices, a lifetime supply of Honey Brown, no authority or responsibility, an Austin Powers weekly sit-com, an end to those captivating history lectures, major hotties from Indiana, Auburn, and Michigan State universities, a land of labrador retrievers, swimming in the Caribbean climate at 4 am, an endless Nuge concert, one guy with seven brothers, actually understanding the lyrics to Rage Against the Machine's "Vietnow," weekend trips to wherever youwant at the spur of the moment, the discontent with dudes named Ed (except Sugaree's Dad), and Herbal Essensce Shampoo comercials.  This is what we are all about.  After all, we live by the Dr. Seuss quote:  "If you haven't tried it, you should, because its fun, and fun is good."      On to the action!  Arrrrrrr......!

This page o' fun will take you through the dark and murky waters of beer, travel, poetry, and our favorite movies, music, wav files, and miscellaneous tidbits of info.  YOU MUST BE SINGLE TO VIEW THIS PAGE!  If not....beat it!.  To further the development of our lebidos, pictures are available for the lovely ladies out there!  Try not to drool over the Pornstar!  We know....its tough!  On with the Chloraphyll!

Our first section deals with the heavenly consumption of beer.......the most important creation.  Our theory states that "beer was created to counteract women."  Men need to consume beer in order to have the strength and willingness to go to the mall for more than an hour, watch those wonderful "Days Of Our Lives" episodes, go to weddings, write thought out expressions of love, and to listen to the Indigo Girls.  Beer is a sacred fluid used as an inhibitor, decision-maker, ointment, or a finishing liquid for furniture.  Take your pick.  So, with that said......view the Icebox!

So, you are desiring photos of the lads huh?  Well, then you should probably contact GQ or the latest issue of the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted catalogue.  Seriously though, the photo album is accompanied by captions.  If you do not like inside humor, don't view  the Photo Album!

When you're done sifting through our little collection of recent photos, we have this cool little diddy, otherwise known as our guestbook here to spice things up.  It's a message board.  It's so easy to work that even IU swimmers can figure it outGo ahead and get crazy with it, but keep it below XXX rated, Greasy Joe and Chloey are still young and impressionable and might learn some new words that will get their mouths washed out with soap.

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  Time for the thank yous!   For the Deadheads we all know and love
Jonny's lame attempt at an exhibition of some culture.  Bear with me here, so I like McEscher, okay?  1999 Turkey Shoot Gallery -- Try it, it's fun!
Mattijuana's Quotational Analysis  RedMeat.com, just see for yourself.
 Here's a link to Sugaree's OTHER Homepage. There's a lot about himself on this one. Do you like real futbol?  Take a gander at Matt and Jonny's page of world futbol!
 NEW!!! Updated Photo Gallery as of January 1999
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