The Professional Negotiations Group:"Finally,Experience Is On Your Side."
The Professional Negotiations Group specializes in the following catorgories:
Negotiating automobile deals for retained clients,sales training for new and senior sales reps.(no matter what the field of sales is),personal growth,phone techniques and setting appointments.

Some of our experience include:negotiating thousands of automobile deals(delivering a very high % of those negotiated),attending a number of personal training seminars,carrying excellent customer satisfaction scores,assisting new and senior sales reps.,sales managers and finance managers.

Certifications include: Master Mazda sales,volkswagen,Mitsubishi, Ford and Toyota.

Our services could change your purchasing and selling experience forever.

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Our services are available by email and appt. only."Finally Experience Is On Your Side."                                                          
Name: Gregory M. Highsmith Sr.
Email: [email protected]
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