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Mike with his daughter Avalon in 1997

In 1998, Mike Holloway was convicted of armed robbery in Augusta, Georgia and received a life sentence without parole.
  • He was not identified by witnesses.
  • No weapon was recovered.
  • His court appointed lawyer spent less than 30 minutes with him before his trial
  • Numerous other defects of evidence & due process are cited in the Habeas Brief.

A writ of Habeas Corpus has been filed with the Georgia Supreme Court documenting the extremely poor legal representation that this man received and he is seeking a new trial.

Habeas Brief

The court since said that the Habeas Brief was not received in the time allotted. However - based on the rules regarding prison MAIL, the document was indeed received in time! This is outrageous! The life of a person hangs in the balance and the appellate court denies due process because the court is unaware of the workings of its own rules!  Is it any wonder why the innocence project is so badly needed!

"The Constitutions of the United States and Georgia guarantee equal justice and fairness and that any person accused of a crime for which he or she faces the loss of liberty be represented by a lawyer.  ...But in Georgia, people accused of crimes are not always provided lawyers.  And some who are provided lawyers do not see them until it is too late for the lawyer to be of any assistance.  And too often the lawyers provided do not have the time, skills and resources to provide meaningful representation." - Excerpt From:   "If you cannot afford a lawyer...":  A report on Georgia's failed indigent defense system  by the Southern Center for Human Rights (SCHR) Jan 2003

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If you have the legal skills, the investigative skills, or the financial means to help Mike get a fair day in court, please contact his brother by clicking on the e-mail link above. - Thank you and God bless.

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