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The mantra has been Photography. Quite recently I have completed several projects in portraiture, architecture, and presentation photography. Also, with several websites in the past dedicated to current projects and a few just to share with friends, the need for one cEntral depository of my work, and play photos transcended.

This site is solely intended for my friends and family. The majority of photographs displayed here are my personal works. The gallery is the flagship of my work over the last decade. Friends contributed some of the photographs in the albums and project photos.

Not all the gallery quality photographs that I have produced have made it on to the electronic media. Many creations from art school were given away to the subjects. It’s fun to visit an old friend or relative and see a “Louis Huang”hanging on the wall, or tacked up in a garage.

Please enjoy your visit, and on occasion, this site will change and transform. If you have any comments please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]

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