This image taken 10-27-01 in Plymouth, MA at the Spooner house. See the green aurora tha appears in the top left area. This was not visible when the photograph was taken, and appeared when we re-viewed the film. We recalled that our tour guide, said that Abigal often appeared in a green light, could this be her?

I did feel strong sensations at this house, especially in the alley way earlier in the evening and when we returned. In our second visit, I clearly felt something was there..a very strong presence.

The second picture was taken on 10-27-01 at the Trasker Museum. Also view the green aurora around the door. In a shot prior there was no green hue, and in this photo there is a green hue. When we took the photographs, there was no green hue visible. They appeared afterwards.

This picture we call the face shot. This was taken at a house on the top of the hill overlooking Plymouth bay. In the first shot, you can see a face-almost looks like a smiley face near the house. This is a close-up shot of the second photo--if you look to the left of the house, you will see the faint image. This appeared when we got home and was not visible during the quick shot of the house. There was no moon that was visible next to the picture and additional shots taken around the house, there is no other one that has this face.



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