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Name :   Mike
Comments :   Your site looks great youll have to give me some pointers
Name :   Jennifer Woodbridge
URL :   
Comments :   I think its the most useful thing for people can see what has and did happen in Negaunee. Its a job well thought out and well done.It realy interesting too.Most of all you can understand it better then a new paper.Also see what firer fighter realy do to h
Name :   david scheff
URL :   [email protected]
Comments :   Hi my name is david scheff I live in clinton michigan 116 east church street clinton michigan thanks love David Scheff
Name :   Brian Ostwald
URL :   [email protected]
Comments :   I got your website from Tom Sharland.Pretty good one. Im guessing Frenchy Bergman had something to do with it.Keep up the good work guys.
Name :   Tom Sharland
URL :   [email protected]
Comments :   Good site. Tho I dont live in Negaunee any more, know a lot of the crew. You deserve more credit than you get. God bless. TS
Name :   unknown
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Comments :   nice
Name :   Nancy
URL :   
Comments :   Very nice website! Thank you all!
Name :   Dan
Comments :   Thanks Frenchy and nice job too! I hope you don't have to call yourself in for another car accident soon.
Name :   clarissa bessonen
URL :   
Comments :   this is a wonderful page. I am glad i got to view it..
Name :   Eric Pellinen
URL :   
Comments :   Doing a great job, keep up the good work Frenchy...
Name :   Sherry McCarthy
URL :   
Comments :   The sight is coming along nicely Frenchy. Nice job. Sherry
Name :   Dick Mattson
URL :   
Comments :   Great website. Can you add some "up close & personal" info about the firefighters?
Name :   Brenda Moore
URL :   
Comments :   Very Good site. Like the pictures. I can't belive almost been a year since the terrorist attacks. .
Name :   karen
URL :   [email protected]
Comments :   great pictures thank you
Name :   Dave
Comments :   Great Website. Every time I check it it looks better and better!
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