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We Are Better Than You.
30 Nov 02

   For anyone and everyone who actually reads this, hello again!

   Yes, yes.  I know it has been a while since I last updated.  That is why I expect no one to notice this update, save the people I tell, of course.

   I have been attempting to think up ways to update this more regularly.  I am entirely too lazy to do it every time, so I will probably enlist the help of the other two guys with computers and no-much-of-a-life, like me.  ^_^  That (should, will, might) help in the future.

   Anyway, I removed the autobiographies temporarily to ensure that there was room for all the pictures to go on.  There should be room later.

   I desperately need to learn html.  Blug.

    Good day, All.


Btw, Indigo still doesn't exist.
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