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Captain Zedo's Hardwar Community

If the gathering of Hardwar players is Mount Olympus, then Captain Zedo surely is Zeus. He's hosting e great site filled with all you need to know about Hardwar, information, downloads, guides and other things you need.
Also, Zedo is the owner of the Forum where all fliers hang out. Be sure to check in and make yourself a free account, and get all the fresh news and gossip about Hardwar new releases made by the loving fans.

Captain Zedo's Site
Captain Zedo's Forum
H[a]rdwar Info

www.hardwar.info is a site made and maintained by Wez, another big name among Titan's fliers, and probably the first site you will bump into if you are using google. I know i first landed there, and after the amazement passed, i was directed to Zedo's :). Drop by anytime to read info about Hardwar, and download some goodies. Like most needed player made patches, moth and world skins, and some good offline challenges. Also, be sure to get the movie transcripts needed to play the erm... cr4cked game (you haven't heard this from me) or the demo version.

Wez's H[a]rdwar.Info site
Captain Kronos Downtown Paintshop

Captain Kronos is the maker of some excellent moth skins... and i do mean EXCELLENT. When it comes to moth skinning... "I want to be like him when i grow up :D"
His site also has tutorials about moth skinning, a few Pilot's Guides and... oh yes...  Silver Y moth model patterns that you can make and decorate your room with.Call me a maniac, but i wish he could make patterns for the rest of the moths.

Captain Kronos Site
Timsky's Maps and famous F.A.Q.

If Zedo is our Zeus, Captain Kronos is MisOp's Artist Extrordinaire and Wez is the guiding light, linking lost wandering souls to our epicenter of existence... then Timsky must be "The Keeper of all Knowledge".
If you happen to have ANY question related to H[a]rdwar, be it software troubleshooting,installing,or any other thing, be sure to check Timsky's F.A.Q. I would say that it's no
t just a guide but the H[a]rdwar Holy Bible itself. (I dare you to tell me what other game on this planet has such a perfected guide ?)
Also Timsky is hosting some great interactive maps of Titan, and various scripts.

Timsky's site

The Famous Timsky FAQ
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