The Port District.
Send a subspace message.
   For any sugestions, love or hate mail, submissions, feedback, or anything else for that matter, you can contact me trough yahoo messenger, or you can send me mail.
    If it happens that you have a H[a]rdwar related site,and you want to see it linked to mine, just mail me your link and your banner. If you don't have a banner, i'll make you one, no problem :)
    I'll even host your files if i can, even tho my bandwith is small, and my hosting space limited, but it's better than nothing.
Also, it would be nice to leave a recorded message in my guestbook, for all posteriority... erm, i mean posterity.... Thank you :)
You can also leave me a message on captain Zedo's Boards where i try to stay as active as my social live allows me. Damn social life. Why do I need one anyway ? :D
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