Highrise Towers
Ironfist Brig[a]de HQ
  The birth of the Ironfist Brigade
I wanted to do my part for this game, i wanted my own customised moths that look cool... However, I never saw Titan MisOp as a large metropolis, with rich people, owning fast racing cars or shining luxury vehicles.
Let's face it, MisOp is a dusty ex-mining colony, the buildings are made of the remaining of the ships that hauled industrial equipment here... The moths are utility vehicles, the type you have to kick and hit with a wrench, to start... We see veteran flyers proudly showing numerous plasma burns from all the dogfighting, we see small scavengers hauling scrap iron and junk, or the large Hawks of the traders, rusty, tarnished and dusty from the constant flying, with laser scars from pirates...
Ironfist Brigade was inspired from heavy duty industrial equipment. I've seen a lot of that in my youth, while working in a huge factory.These moths are rough riders, made of brushed metal, being functional rather than pretty looking.
  Ironfist Brigade cargo pods
Of course, after making skins for all the moths, the next logical step was to make matching cargo pods. However, this means that other things in the game were changed, since they share the same .spr files.Here's what changed.
Laser turret - excellent looking, and matching the moth skins.
Plasma kannon, all missiles, cells 3 and 4, Comp Comp. All these look good, and since they are not visible in the game world, only in inventory view, don't change that much.
Drone - Now, this was hard to accomplish, the drone looks decent, but not as good as it looked before. The drone is a strange one, since it uses textures from the large pod AND the tiger moth... and while i was able to screw with the pod texture for a decent look, i did not want to modify the NeoTiger texture, just for the drone.
Download Ironfist Brigade Moth Skins Download Ironfist Brigade Cargo Pods Skins
To see a detailed picture of the Ironfist Brigade click HERE but be warned it's a big picture... about 500 kilobytes, so on dialup you will be waiting a bit. Go get a sandwich :D
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