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How to install custom hangar doors into the game.
   The zip that you have downloaded contains 3 files named "lock_in.spr, lock_in1.spr and lock_out.spr" wich you will unzip into your Hardwar directory and they will appear.Outside doors are a bt rusty, due to the weather while the inside part is cleaner.
Hangar doors? Why ? Has BlindeR lost his mind ?
   Well, yes, i did.But that's not the cause for this door-birth phenomenon.I always wandered how come the building looked all rusted and dirty, but the hangar doors were as blue and clean as the azure spring sky.I had a theory, that,like Americans are forced to mow and fertilize their front lawn, so are Misopians forced to paint and clean their hangar doors, but last night, after having a beer with some spiffy Lazarus paper-pusher i found out it was all a big conspiracy theory.So there you have it.Brand new, old and corroded hangar doors for your pleasure.
We come in Pieces !
As we all know now, the alien ships are made of all the body parts that are being hauled in the port district. And the latest storm and Titan's slightly acid rain washed the ugly blue paint from all alien ships, and now we can all see that it was only a bright PR move, leading to Alien Acceptance Syndrome. The alien ships are made of human DNA! Spread the word,flyer !
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