Downtown 05
Hardw[a]r "Pimp My Moth" Workshop
How to install custom Seat Covers into your moth.
Every zip that you have downloaded contains one file named "mothseat.spr" wich you will unzip into your Hardwar directory. No, you cannot use all of them at once,sadly, this is how the game works, meaning all moth models have the same texture for their seats.
Jaguar Mothseat
just fly.Try and fly in style with this smooth pimp-ish seat cover made from an actual jaguar skin taken from a 100% real cloned and bio-engineered Titan Jaguar. This awesome seat cover puts the "Bling" into "Bling-Bling" and shows everyone "who's yo daddy!" Buy one now !
Available in stock at Blinder's Stores in the Downtown Crater ! Fuzzy dice not included.

Download Jaguar Mothseat
Leather Mothseat
Order now your genuine Leather Racing Seat and be the hottest Fuzz on the block. Comfortable and slick, shows that you are on style-patrol, this expensive Electronic Ergonomic Heated Massaging Pure Leather Racing Seat hints anyone that it pays to bust crime !
Now with Ultra-Smudge-Free-Layer made from the newest discovered chemical L4M-3R with Slick'o-Surface technology, you are sure that Donut and Blood stains are a thing of the past !

Download Leather Mothseat
Rebel Mothseat
The ultimate way of saying "I'll stick this devastator so far up your hangar, you'll need a Groundbase missile to pull it out".Only the rebels of Misplaced Optimism will fly this daring flag, showing they don't give a rat's ass about the Klamp-G or the Lazarus family...A scavenger must-have!
Speed and Greed !

Download Rebel Mothseat
Tiger Mothseat
A Lazarus old time favorite, since those boys are always trying to put more "Grrrrr" in their tigers. Genuine Original Soft Tiger Skin Seat Cover not only warms your back on those long flights, hunting the Klamp-G scum, but it also provides a niiiiice tingling feeling on the skin of your neck. And back. And legs. And Groin. Let's face it, the Lazarus guys don't have much respect for clothing, a simple metal plate on the head and a leather harness will do just fine.

Download Tiger Mothseat
Zebra Mothseat
You are looking for a way to get more customers in your cab ? You are always driving customers to moth factories once, and never see them again ? (it's not like they are blown to bits after that, now is it ?).
Man, you need some class in your cab. Try these Zebra Skin Seat Covers, they not only look and feel natural, but they also smell natural ! (covering the usual filthy disgusting stench that your cab has, as an "innate ability")
And people will be happy to catch a ride in YOUR cab, not in your competition's Zebraless one !
Buy one, get one free! Only if you apply now !.

Download Zebra Mothseat
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