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No, i don't skin anyone in here.This is the page with the Moth Skins i've made so far.
Okie, this is my first Hardwar skin. It always bugged me that, in my not-so-humble opinion, there are no good skins for the silverY. And given the fact that the little silverY is my fav moth, led to one logical conclusion ...
"why don't I make a skin"
Okie.... what to use ? ... hmm... someone recommended CorelDraw.
Okie, nooooo problemoooo ... I've never touched Corel in my life, before.. but, i mean, how hard can it be ? Well, you be the judge of that... I made this skin in about 12 hours, while learning to use Corel (read the manual first ?.... why ? .... when i can just click all the buttons and see what they do... :D )
Aaaanyways, to make a long story, short, here is the skin. Now, if you no like, don't go screaming. It's my first attempt and i plan to get better. . .
Ladieeeeees and gerbils... BlindeR LaVey (that's me huh huh huh) is proud to present his first brainchild, as ugly as his daddy but one nice addition to Titan, I am sure.Here you are. The Shade_Y. A silver Y skin, if thou needeth more explications.
Was inspired by my all time favorite supervillain, from Justice League, The Shade (dude in the pic, to the right)
DOWNLOAD Shade_Y (142 Kb, zipped)
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