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Erm.... Hello.... Is this the place where i am supposed to post some stuff like "this is my site where i am hosting all kinds of useless crap, that everyone MUST download, by the way, look at the horrible design that makes me think i am good enough to make professional web design, and also witness my horrendous spelling"  ?
Yes ?
Well, consider that I've done that.Since i am too lazy to actually do it.
Here's what you WILL find in here:
Info,links,content,downloads,guides,opinions,pictures and other stuff related to a game named Hardwar, also known as H[a]rdwar.
Now enough of this foolishness.Be sure to read the disclaimer and other legal crap located just below and then enter the site.
Site is compatible to all browsers,also i will try to keep the content to a minimum, so it will load faster.H[a]rdwar peeps need content not eye candy.And anyway,eye candy is not "my thing".
Site is best viewed using a minimum resolution of 800x600, but really, anything will do. I have surfed this site even on my mobile phone trough a free wap internet connection,and it works just fine.Just keep an eye on your GPRS counter, if you are paying per kilobyte.It may get heavy.

Be warned that I may slip a few bad words, jokes,concepts,ideas,whatever, that may or may not insult you,but other than a few curses, this site is 100% workplace-friendly, and contains no nudity,popups,addware,spyware or junk like that.Be warned that this is a free site hosted by and i only have 4.2 Megs data transfer per hour. so, if this or the following pages,pictures,files,downloads become suddenly unavailable, return the next hour.
Allright, i got it !!!

Hardwar is a registered trademark of Software Refinery (no longer in bussiness) in conjunction with Gremlin Interactive. Hardwar is distributed in the USA by Interplay. The "Lazarus, KlampG, Reservoir, Downtown, Riverside, Gamma, Skinners, Scrubbers, Mines, Monorail, SilverY, Hawk, Tiger, Deathshead, Swallow, MoonMoth, PoliceMoth, SoftwareShack, PsychoBob, MisOpMap,H[a]rdwarLogo graphics are taken from the game.
   All material on this site is copyrighted to Blinder LaVey unless otherwise credited. The names "BlindeR", "Blinder LaVey" and "the little blue fellow with eye classes logo thing" are registered trademarks of Blinder LaVey Evil Empire
   Webmasters and Webfreaks are free to use any material on this site as long as they provide it for free, but please give credit where credit is due, especially in using the screenshots. If you'd like to link to this page, please link to the main page (THIS one).
   No small furry animals were harmed during the making of this site.

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