Episode 3: Parity

Sydney is holding the nuclear weapon's plutonium core in her hand, when Hassan catches her -- and puts a gun to her head. Using the core as a distraction, she knocks Hassan out, and dodges soldiers' bullets as she escapes...

Upon return, Sloane sends Sydney and Dixon to Madrid to steal a lockbox, containing a sketch with what appear to be digital code...only drawn in the late 15th century by a seer named Milo Rambaldi. There are two sketches, containing the entire code, only when seen together...and SD-6 needs the second one. However, a rival Russian agency is also after the sketch, and Sydney discovers that she is up against her deadly K-Directorate rival, Anna Espinosa, whom we identify now by the eye tattoo on her hand.

In secret, Sydney meets Vaughn along the Santa Monica pier, and tells him about the sketch...but Vaughn also informs her that he's been taken off of her case, and a senior officer assigned in his place.

In Madrid, Sydney visits a show at the Auto Museo, where the box is hidden, while Dixon monitors outside in a van. She discovers that Anna is also there and one step ahead – she has the lockbox. But only after an intense fight, Sydney takes possession of the box.

Back home, Will is still curious about Danny's murder...But after requesting surveillance footage from traffic cameras around Danny's former apartment on the night of the murder, he discovers that all of these cameras went out within a mile of the apartment on precisely that night.

Later, he and Sydney get a little drunk after an evening out, and later at her apartment, a playful moment...turns into a kiss...and a moment of shocking discomfort for them both.

Meanwhile, Francie leaks that she and boyfriend Charlie haven't been intimate in a while and that she is worried. Sydney suggests it's because he's been busy...until Francie discovers that he had no law review the previous night. When Charlie assures Francie that he is not having an affair, she is satisfied, until later discovering a matchbook with a woman's name and phone number...

Back at SD-6, Marshall cannot open the lockbox, and if he forces it open, a concealed piece of technology inside will destroy the sketch. Knowing that Anna has the key to the lockbox, Sloane arranges with K-Directorate for Sydney to meet Anna in Berlin, open the box and view the sketch together. Sloane knows that K-Directorate doesn't know that there are two sketches that make the entire code.

Sydney meets with special agent Seth Lambert, a senior CIA agent who has been assigned as Vaughn's replacement, to go over her Berlin assignment...But Sydney takes an intense dislike to him, and orders him to get Vaughn back on case...or no results!

Arriving in Berlin, Sydney is wearing a CIA wire, and is relieved to hear Vaughn's voice in her earpiece - he's back. Both SD-6 and K-Directorate have positioned snipers on the bleachers of a stadium, in case either side attemps a double-cross. Sydney meets with Anna and exchanges intense psychological game is always at play. But when Anna opens the lockbox, both agents are horrified, as a sizzling sound emits from inside...

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Memorable Moments:

"Don’t make me regret working for people in their fifties... uh, forties." - Will, talking to his editor.

SYDNEY: I'm sorry, oh my God... (laughing, spills her sundae on him)
WILL: It's good, no, this is good. My shirt didn't have enough ice cream on it.
~ Sydney, a little intoxicated, ends up kissing Will. She feels totally awkward afterwards.

SYDNEY: Who am I talking to?
VAUGHN: Your invisible friend.
SYDNEY: Good. Where are you?
VAUGHN: Satellite relay station back in L.A., watching you from a 200 mile orbit.
SYDNEY: My guardian angel.




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