In 1995, Annie Lockwood was walking through the ramshackle Stratton esate, which was once home to the Strattons, one of the richest families in America during the turn of the century. She wished she could have seen the house when it was at it's pinnacle, when ladies whore magnificent gowns, were courted by real getlemen, and attended elegant balls. All of a sudden, she started to feel faint. She started to see things. The cracked marble floors suddenly appear polished and smooth. The windows are dressed in soft velvet drapes. And she sees people with strange hairstyles and clothing. When Annir finally realizes that she has traveled back to 1895. she is in shock, but also delighted. Annie is charmed by Strat, the only son of Hiran Stratton, Sr. Soon their comfortable friendship turns into a deep and soulful love. And poor Harriet, Strat's fiancee, is heartbroken. But as Annie becomes more and more involed in the Stratton's lives, she realizes how her presence in the past has changed their lives for the worst. In fact, she has altered both sides of time: the Present and the Past. In the Past, Annie finds the world she has always dreamed of, a love that can never be, and the courage to let it all go.
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