In  the final moments of a cooperative mission, Sydney and her Russian nemesis Anna memorize a 500-year-old binary code written by Milo Rambaldi before it is destroyed. Sydney's inner conflict &#150; as to whether she should give the correct sequence to SD-6 &#150;  is confronted by Agent Vaughn, who makes it clear, in no uncertain terms, that her role as a double-agent is in constant jeopardy...                     
Then, in a moment of decision, they help an SD-6 associate, Declan, to escape an attack by feeding him escape coordinates via world-band radio...another sign that Vaughn's loyalties may occasionally lie outside the CIA.
The completed code represents a geographical location for a church in  Spain, where Sydney and Anna once again meet up; this time as opponents. Sydney bests Anna in a brutal fight, and     recovers a gold circular crystal from the church's stain glass  window.
She returns is to SD-6, where Marshall's analysis discloses a pre-synthetic polymer, also invented by Rambaldi...The 15th-Century seer's progressive inventions now appear to be at the root of a much deeper mystery.
Sydney and Dixon are sent off on their next mission &#150; to investigate a plot to eliminate the World Trade Organization. In Casablanca, Morocco, Sydney adopts the guise of a French-Canadian tourist.                    
In a crowded marketplace, she attempts to get near Luc Jacqnoud, whose bodyguard has had a previous run-in with her. After a powerful battle, Sydney arrives to Dixon's aide, and is crushed to find that their contact, Bak Ibrahim, has only just been slain-- another friend, whose life did not escape harm this time.
At SD-6, Jack is interrogated by McCullough &#150; but we reveal, in a dreamlike sequence, that a unspoken truth about Sydney's mother continues to haunt him. Meanwhile, Vaughn's feelings for Sydney, in a moment of briefing, show through even further; finally, when she breaks down to him about the heartbreaking conflicts in the career of a dual agent, Vaughn offers her his support as a friend.
SD-6's latest clues lead Sydney and Dixon to Sao Paolo, the location of the next WTO conference, where Sydney witnesses the method to Jacqnoud's scheme. While Sydney observes, a small bomb is surgically implanted into the pacemaker of Patel, the Peace Prize winner, scheduled to speak at the WTO conference. Sydney, turns around, only to face a heavy blow to the head from the same bodyguard as earlier...
Meanwhile, Francie's suspicions grow of Charlie's infidelity, so she and Sydney stake him out, CIA-style, until they spy him kissing another girl. And Will unravels further clues about Danny's death and struggles with his own feelings for Sydney.
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