Here are some snapshots of a surface modeling algorithm I created in 1995 which takes advantage of the triangle-mesh techniques of GL (now known as OpengGL).
A single hex surface. (8kb)   The single hex surface deformed elliptically with polygons. (68kb)
Multiple hex surfaces. (27kb)   The individual vertices of the hex surface can be deformed to get this. (104kb)
Landscape view of deformed surface. (19kb)   - without a surface, (36kb)
The same single hex surface deformed elliptically. (58kb)   - and front view. (15kb)

A single hex surface. (top view) (21kb)   A closer view of the landscape deformed surface.(15kb)
A landscape view of the deformed surface. (9kb)   A sphere made from two deformed hex surfaces. (15kb)
- with polygons. (6kb)      
Here are some other objects formed by this algorithm.