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The graphics presented on this page came to be here in one of two ways. Long, long ago in the days when the galactic core was merely a frost covered lump floating aimlessly through the void, representatives of the original offices of the Space Port Consortium braved the untamed wilds of the internet to find the finest in graphics and wall paper their hollowed halls. If by chance you know one of these graphics to be yours, let me know and the Space Port Consortium will gladly either remove it or attribute it...as you wish. The rest of the graphics present on the site were lovingly crafted by skilled engineers and artisans for use the Ursa Minor Space Port and other sites which may wish to make use of them.

In fact, devotees of the Space Port may recognize this page as part of the general Space Port Consortium. The Ursa Minor Space Port will soon remove this page from their archives, although a new link will be provided to this location. Recent upheaval among the members of the Amalgamated Guild of Graphic Artists ended in a small, if bloodless, coup with regard to this site. It was felt, by the head artisan, that this page would be better served under her sole care. Although she does continue to support the Space Port Consortium in all their endevors, she does understand that they may not have time to update this page as often as she would like.

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