There is one who formed people.  Who is standing?  A name for the one standing is Is.  And it is thundering and lightning flashes in the night sky.  And he was talking to himself.  For the God of the mystery is his God, who love is.  And he stood upon the beginning of a darkened path.  And he loves to hear thunder and is seeing lightning.  As he had thought he said, "This path I will follow!" and he began to do just that.  And that path was dark, and his God is the light thereon.  As Is is spirit and the same the light. 
        And someone stood near him, and another came to the one which stood near to him and sold to him, a white bow.  And it was given to Is as a gift. 
        Further along the path he took green clay and made of it a great dinosaur, and they named it Tyrannosaurus Rex. 
        Some time later he saw a girl holding a black cat with a distinctive white streak of fur between its eyes.  And when he had asked of her, "From whence does this cat come?", she said to him, "From out of a lot of worship, there in a bush that had a thied part burnt."  As she spoke he invisioned the blackened bush, and she told him, "I have named it Charlot.", and it too became his.  And he continued on. 
        In contemplation while studying a part of his memory, Is looked and saw a large grey bird.  He knew that they had called it Whale-Headed and that mattered not because to Is it was good, for he loved what he saw, its simple way. 
        Then, not long after, on that plane, on that path, a golden one, and how beautiful a sight to behold.  Yet beyond, a gate, the path's end.  "Is this my destination?" said Is.  And a voice from the gate, "It is, it is the point of entry."  And it thundered after that IS had seen in an instant, a pool of blood before the gate.  In the appearance of rosey lips.  And Is sat to wonder amidst the two sights.  There he slept securely. 
        Is Is dreaming?  Is noticed that a patch of grass had been eaten.  Suddenly in a vision, a man looking something like is looked up from the ground.  And in spirit not his own, saw Is standing beside a white horse, as were also his around him.  And as he saw them and as soon as is this.  Is in lightning like motion had drawn an arrow from his quiver and fired it into him. 
        Is stood next to an apple tree, rubbing a spot of dirt from off of a green one which he had taken below it.  And the ground began to shake and two apples fell from the tree as another tree fell and another snapped and he heard the sound of great commotion as if twenty turkeys were darting through the forest.  Is, apple in hand, walked away from that place.  He was eating the apple while going about his way.  And a girl crossed his mind.  And he knocked into something and dropped the partially eaten apple, and upon looking he saw soot on his clothes and ashes in the air, he remembered the apple and then he saw it rolling away stained.  And a massive form overshadowed him, and blood spattered down through the foilage of the surrounding trees.  And he stooped, thinking to save some type of creature, and when he saw none there, he left that place. 
        And in darkness a golden figure reflected the visions of his head. 
        As Is awoke he beheld a number of otherworldly onlookers coming up to him.  Bye the gate Is said to them, "Guess not at another guess, for I am Is who reroutes the waters with the making of trenches and the forming of great gulfs.  By digging deep beside the river its course will be changed, as it floods the land.  Think not to only move the inhabitants, for they shall wander.  Think instead, Is has dug deep a chasm and created a great rift.  I did this causing the Ocean to become for me a new river.  And it pours forth dividing the land.  I make the bed deep and wide and direct it long, leaving a short distanced wall.  And when that is caved through, in shall flow the waters, filling and overflowing the tract.  I then damn up its old way, making sure it pass not again."  And they, being moved, talked amongst their selves, saying, "His is the way we shall follow, as river rerouters, and to damn the other ways.  And Is said to them, "If any wish to follow me let them come and we shall transform the land and it the rest within." 
        And it came to pass that a temple was built for the God of Is.  And one capra was selected and horns fashioned.  And under the horns sat Onomatopoeia.
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