Here you will find some of my deepest thoughts. Some of these thoughts will have come from my own personal journal. These thoughts will give you an idea of who and what I am, and what I believe to be true in my mind and what I see through my eyes.

"I would rather be told the truth whether it would hurt or not, than to be lied to and spared my feelings" Casi

>04/04/01 "There is no fiction only reality.  Reality in which we create, imaginatively."

02/20/01 If you truly believe in your dream, and assume the possibilities without no boundaries. Your dream becomes reality.

02/08/2001 "Pretty tight, if I say so myself"

01/23/2001 "Life wasn't meant to be fare. If it was life would be boring."

11/2/2000 Individualism.... consciousness is a state of mind. It's what one believes to be reality through faith and persistence. Consciousness is God. Therefore, we are God within ourselves. Everything we feel, see, touch, smell, taste, and hear including the 6th sense of your intuitive awareness is what guides us to understand and know our consciousness. Our individualism is how we relates those experiences of those senses to our consciousness. One person may take the same experience and interpret it in a different way. So when he/she relates this to his/her consciousness he/she then has a different idea incorporated in his/her reality. He/She finds that his/her ideas are different and he/she therefore has created individualism within his/her consciousness.

11/2/2000 Dreams are not reality. It is the idea of a dream in one's mind or consciousness that is reality. See... if a dream were reality, then everything we dream would be happening, but it doesn't so, therefore, dreams are not reality. Dreams are not in the physical world so to speak. But if one believes in the dream and has faith and makes the idea of the dream happen then that is reality, because, it is in our consciousness. It is what we believe to be real. 

10/29/2000 Consciousness manifesting itself, and consciousness is God because it's consciousness that is creating.

10/29/2000 God is consciousness. God is in everything and everyone. Consciousness is with in us and what makes us individuals is that we perceive God in different meanings of consciousness.

10/29/2000 "It's all in your mind"

10/29/2000 "If you ask me how I feel in words I'll give you a one word answer; but if you give me an instrument, a pencil, or a paintbrush; I'll show you my heart."

10/28/2000 "Sometimes you don't always get an explanation when things happen. You just have to learn to accept them and go on with your life whole heartedly."


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