Means "the most beautiful" in Egyptian. This was the name of an Egyptian queen of the New Kingdom, the favourite wife of Rameses II.

Little is known about the queens, but there are exceptions. Ahmose-Nefertari, the wife, and sister, of the first pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty, King Ahmose, became a very powerful queen. She was the first in the history of Egypt to be given the title of God's Wife.
Temple built by Rameses II to honour Hathor and Nefertari. Statues of Rameses dressed as Horus and Nefertari dressed as Hathor.
Nefertari, the beautiful wife of Rameses the Great, was an exceptional woman who played an important role in state and religious affairs. Loved by her people, she was called "mistress of two lands", a title normally reserved for the king, the "lord of two lands". She died in her late forties and was buried in a magnificent house of eternity in the Valley of the Queens. The portraits on the walls of Nefertari's tomb depict her as an elegant and radiant young woman. The tomb's dazzling paintings, a world treasure, have been restored by The Getty Conservation Institute because they had been damaged by centuries of water seepage.
The goddess Isis leads Queen Nefertari in the land of the gods. Nefertari wears a vulture headdress, which identifies her as a royal wife.   Nefertari makes an offering to Isis. She is wearing a white robe in the New Kingdom style with a red belt tied at a high waistline.
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