This is the story behind the character, Anjellikah Lyrrik.  Her past, present and future will be described here.  Also there are some links below of extras associated with this character.

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The Beginning
Materia daughter of Lyrrik was born many years ago to mortal parents in the comfort of a tribe of people whom believed strongly in magics, demons and evils.  They protected each other with enhanced magics of their own to ward off the evils, though sometimes they still managed to get through.  As a child, Materia was a stunning young girl, she immediately caught the eye of a self-tormented demon by the name of Onan.  He first recognized her the night her father, Lucius was taken by vampires as per Onan's request.  As Materia grew into a young woman, the demon Onan found a loophole in the energies surrounding the girls ultimate protection against evils.  Onan stole her believing one day she would come to appreciate him and his power.  Unfortunately, she could not be contained.  Her name Materia, meaning "of the human world" fit her perfectly as she did not adapt as well to his as he had hoped.

Late one night, whilist the demon slept, she murdered his slaves through a secret portal she had stumbled across.  Desperate to escape she ran into Onan whom she managed to
trick into thinking she was innocent and pushed him through the portal as well.  Damning him for all the cruelty he had bestowed upon her life.

To her utter disappointment and horror, this did not work as planned.  Onan returned enraged with her betrayal.  As a punishment he decided to burden her with his own torment, his powers.  He cornered her, sacrificing himself to release his gifts and transforming her into the demoness of Nightmares.  In the first years as a demoness, Materia adapted to her duties with great pleasure, to the surprise of many of the born-demons she exceeded some of them with her hunger of power growing by the day.  With a vengance and lust for her powers, Materia was soon becoming one of the most powerful demoness' of her age.  She ruled over the most progressive country of that time, Egypt.

(Picture: Anjellikah's mortal/usual form.)
The First Love
Nearly a 200 years of her reign over Egypt, Materia fell in love with a man.  And he was no ordinary man.  Atum, was the son of a mortal woman and of the evil god Set, making him an immortal.  Materia watched him through the dream world for over 3 years as he became one of the most powerful men in Egypt.  He gathered what were called Worshippers, men who would follow Atum on whatever raid or plan he may have created.  He helped corrupt Egypt in a way that made Materia want him as her own.

She entered his dreams several times, appearing in her demonic form.  Finally, one day, she decided to reveal herself to him.  She beaconed him to meet her at her home.  She offered him everything.  More power than he already had, anything he wished...the same words Onan had once offered her and was long forgotten.  And just like her old self, Atum refused her.  A warrior, immortal woman had been hunting Atum dor for nearly 20 years.  Intrigued by her, he refused Materia, in hopes to gain the warrior woman's heart.
Furious, Materia attacked him in her jealousy.  As the axe came down to severe his head, her hand brushed up against his, a mere simple act that shouldn't have erupted in crackles of electricity.  It was unexpected by both of them, but by then, it was too late.  Shaken badly by the event she left the body for the Worshippers to find and fled.

But they weren't the only ones who charged after her for revenge.  Atum's Egyptian god father, Set sent out after her, to have her imprisoned for murderinghis beloved son.  He sought out the ancient ruins of the demons.  On each stone within these sacred walls were the names of the living demons, scratch a name off, and the demon would be rendered practically powerless.  Set did just that.  He made Materia for the first time since her mortal life, helpless.  Then he hired assassins to track her down and have her killed.

(Picture: Atum, son of Set)
The New Demoness of Nightmares
The nameless demoness walked the earth for nearly a year, running from the gods and the surviving Worshippers much like a frightened little girl.  One day, she happened across a man by the name of Kyran.  He offered to help her in the past, enforcing the promise once again.  He then assisted in finding an infant left unattended.  Together, using an ancient ritual they stole the child's name: Anjellikah.  The little girl, then grew up without a name.  For her entire life, she walked the earth unable to recognized or talked about, or loved.

Anjellikay daughter of Lyrrik slowly began to gain her powers again.  She entered dreams, turning them into nightmares as she had done in the past.  She lived with Kyran with the little knowledge that he himself had been possessed by an ancient dragon spirit who had sought revenge through Kyran's body.  His goal was to kill the dark haired demoness who was to love his son.  In her final battle with this dragon known as Dragonicus one vision was brought to her attention which plagued her since her days as a mortal.  It was of two blue eyes, and unmistakable pair of eyes, the color of blue she had only
seen it within the dawning light of day.

Kyran, became well again as the spirit of the dragon and left and invited Anjellikah to stay within his castle as a guest.  She stayed for a while, seeking out what she could of those strange blue eyes.  It soon became an obsession of hers as she searched through taverns, inns, plains and worlds to find the owner.  But to no avail she decided to leave the castle and her gracious host.

(Picture: Anjellikah's demonic form)
The Demon's Grave
Like any immortal, it suddenly became too much.  She began to wonder why she still lived while others around her died.  She wondered what the afterlife would be like and at the same time feared it.  Thousands of mortals died every day and knew about these worlds that she could never understand.

She finally found herself a home and a small purpose that could keep her going for at least a little while longer but she never ceased in her search for the eyes which now haunted her own dreams.

Finally one night while visiting a local tavern a woman approached her.  She was a vampiress by the name of Kyah Winterose.  She was shy at first though seemed determined to help Anjellikah.  She knew things that Anjellikah had never told anyone, convincing her that she needed to pay attention to this mysterious stranger.  Kyah mentioned she was searching for a demon or demoness to take over the infamous
Demon's Grave.  It was a place where immortals could move from realm to realm at will.  It was guarded with powerful magics surpassing her own even when she was at her height of power.  Kyah could see into Anjellikah's soul and knew from what her shadows told her that she had found her new Keeper of the Demon's Grave.  She agreed that if Anjellikah could find the location with her few instructions.

To find this secretive location she must travel into the Valley of Immortals.  When the time came she left as expected, gathering the few things she had and made her way to the vast earthy riches of the Valley to find Kyah and her new destiny in life.

(Picture: Kyah Winterose)
There was one oddity which immediately caught her attention and her interest.  A dragon, flew through the hair, hardly threatening her, yet it was she who decided to threaten it.  She challenged the beast, remembering full well of the tortures Kyran had suffered she fought bravely yet when the moment came where she should have killed or be killed the dragon had landed.  He then slowly began to change it's form to that of an elf.

To her surprise and complete excitement, this man held the eyes she had been searching for for so long.  At their first touch the same sparks of electricity soared through both of them.  She understood that it was their souls mingling and reuniting at last.  This was Atum's old soul, he was her soulmate.

She had at last found him.  His name is King Nialo Akvan, the ruler of the Valley of Immortals.  Though nothing is ever what it seemed.  They had faced battles of orcs, jealousy of others and even each other just to keep the sacred Valley protected from outsiders.
Together they bore two children, though Anjellikah as of yet has not given birth.  The first, Damien, was taken from Anjellikah's womb and was given to an Amazon woman to give birth to him.  He grew up to be a very brave boy, curious of the outside world just as his father.  He also has a knack for troublesome situations, much like his mother. 

And now they share the life of another.  Anjellikah could barely stand the powers that each child presented when she would become pregnant.  She killed each one when her demonic form took her over reacting to the child as a parasite wanting to drain her dry.  When she and Nialo separated for nearly four years she happened across a sorceress who collected the lost souls of all five miscarriages and created an infant, whom Anjellikah named Lucian.  Returning home she reunites with her family.

(Picture: Nialo Akvan)
The full story of Anjellikah (Warning, this story contains graphic violence and adult situations).  To learn of her life from start to finish see the link below.
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