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A New Begining

Welcome to our new website...I've recycled my old guild site from back on Rodcet so please pardon the popups..but Im deal with em:P Feel free to suggest things you would like on the page, or any ideas that I can incorporate. I will be adding a screenshot page for any pics u may wish to toss up there as well as links from our members page to personal favorite shots of your characters. If I have any out of date info here plz let me know...til then...see ya online!



New Features on the Site

I've started incorporating the links on the members page today. At the moment you can notice that my name and my class are now links, clickin on my name will take you to a SS I piddled around with this afternoon before work..and clicking shaman takes you to As I collect each of your character shots I will at your request Incorporated them onto the site as well..and If you have a favorite webpage for your specific class let me know..and Ill link it as well. the request of Tensors ears..I have pulled the background sound..your welcome:P I am still toying with many ideas and some parts of this page are still part SoH..but never fear..when I need time away from game this is where I will be...(I love this shit:P)
Nemezy has Suggested that I use this part of the page for a weekly update on Guild events and soforth..I think this is a great heres what weve done this week I know of...
So far that I know of..we have had two robes drop(blah) two cobalt bracers..(cool)..Im not sure what else but I know the much wanted Tunic is eluding us.
We still have at the moment the Hate ally raid coming up for those who wish to go on monday...see the motd for the time and such
Durod is still working on his epic for those who have the time to go lend a hand last I heard.
Thats bout all I know atm... Till I see ya in game..
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