Current Members Class Race Level GuildRank Title
Arbaxban Goldenhealer Cleric 59 Officer
Audrina Van`Draven Druidess 60 Officer
Burgh Edin Warrior 64 Officer
Deltanamos Magician 55 Officer
Desmos Stargazer Shaman 56 Officer
Ilyana Delacour Enchantress 50 Officer
Lancon Van`Draven Warrior 57 Officer
Tensor Delacour Shaman 57 Officer
Vilelil DarkSmyth ShadowKnight 56 Officer

Current Members Class Race Level Title
Barbarosa Druid 55
Bellinger SpiritStorm Warrior 47
Biazablub Warrior 57
Delamar BoneSplitter Paladin 51
EvilKit Darktease Enchantress 56
Foote Iceblade Warrior 56
Frozard Monk 33
Kialin Enchantress 52
Kimbab Shaman 61
Kolbann Beastlord Vah Shir 42
Loorna Mage 40
Mystyque Mage 35
Nachte Warrior 56
Nemezy Dragizle Druid 60
Swifter Monk 55
Syndell Cleric 51
Tamilee Cleric 58
Tanni Tunes Bard 60
Vlaid Necromancer 51
Winolil Rogue 47

Twink Class Race Level GuildMain Title
Aalai Monk 35 Kialin
Aalextria Ranger 35 Audrina
Antipity Blutaco Cleric 62 Burgh
Auzure Shavedtaco ShadowKnight 26 Audrina
Cerebrat Monk 53 Burgh
Chamual Mage 44 Barbarosa
Dagis Rogue 54 Nemezy
Daladen Rogue 60 Audrina
Delgar Monk 35 Barbarosa
Dorden ShadowKnight 51 Barbarosa
Durod Mage 51 Biazablub
Emmaah Titetaco Cleric 25 Audrina
Geanash Druid 58 Swifter
Icemist Wizardess 39 Burgh
Iiesha Warrior 23 Ilyana
Kailey Warrior 21 Loorna
Karick Druid 46 Biaz
Kelar Necromancer 55 Barbarosa
Kolari Enchantress 38 Burgh
Klerity Enchantress 52 Syndell
Krazny ShadowKnight ? Nachte
Naliana Druidess 55 Barbarosa
Mandle Cleric 39 Barbarosa
Manty Pyython Necromancer 53 Burgh
Reonin Rogue 33 Lancon
Rhadam ShadowKnight 52 Biaz
Sakic TacoMuncher ShadowKnight 22 Foote
Smugglinayoyo Warrior 13 Audrina
Strahdd Delacour Monk 58 Tensor
Synie Mage 35 Syndell
Tamilae Druid ? Tamilee
Tenzor Delacour Wizard 20 Tensor
Terrdok Shaman 24 Lancon
Vallaria ShadowKnight 24 Ilyana
Venlail Warrior 44 Vilelil
Vilelol Cleric 39 Vilelil
Viscous Ooze Druid 56 Burgh
Wrinkley Cleric 5 Desmos
Yoser Vonhoser Druid 52 Foote
Yilile Enchantress 58 Barbarosa
Xylander Warrior 51 Barbarosa

Allies of Soul Survivors

Let me know via the Message boards when you level so I can update the members list accordingly. Also... to keep this page up to date.. if I havent seen you online or seen a post from you after two months... your name will be dropped from the list. If this happens and your just indisposed..let me know and I'll fix it asap.. thanks... Des

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