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I'm form Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. I'm 51, married with two children, (27 & 21) and a 13-year-old Black Lab named Pooky.

I started Crocheting about 30 years ago, but really into it since 1990. I can�t knit, and have "two left hands" when it can to knitting, so my Mother taught me how to crochet. I love making things for other people, and sharing patterns. The reaction I get is worth the time it takes to make, no matter how big or small. I'm addicted to it! As soon as I finish one project, I have to start another one. I keep a log and pictures of what I make, when I make it and where I got the pattern from or if it is my own design. I have made slippers, afghans, dolls, pockets on sweaters, sweaters, a sweater coat, hats, stocking hats, toques, backpacks, hot water bottle cover, takeout cup cozies, teacup cozies, dog sweater, Xmass Tree Hat, birthday cake hat and many more. My favorite crochet project: too hard to choose! I love to share patterns, ideas and tips.

These are some of my own patterns!

Donna & Deb's Coat Hanger Cover
My Frog
My St. Paddy's Day Tophats
My Xmass Tree Hat
My New Years Tophat
Birthday Cake Hat or Centrepiece
Hot water bottle cover
Hooded Scarf and Headband
Two Toned Beaked hat
Pooky's Dog Sweater
Winter hood for a coat or jacket
My crocheted Brimmed Hat
My Coral Fizz Afghan
My Crocheted Tooth
My Valentine's Day Hat
My DC Shoe co. Nock-off hat

To come:
I still have to write out the patterns!
Waist Pouch
3D-Shamrock door hanger

See them here

See photos of some of the thnigs I've made @ Emeraldthistle_Crochet_stuff_2008

I will try to have them up soon!

In the mean time, take a look at my Crochet Links!!

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