The Conover Saga

My Other UFO Stories

Full Circle
Commander Straker deals with a serious security problem: his exwife.

Scotland Waits
Commander Straker finds his visit to the Scottish coast unusual, to say the least.

Time For Anny
A security leak at the studio has interesting consequences for Commander Straker.

Wild Kingdom
Lt. Ford experiences a really bad day at SHADO.

Writers' Circle UFO Stories

Pamela McCaughey

UFO Poetry

After Mary's Death
The stuff Commander Straker's dreams are made of.

UFO Essays

Stand By For Action!
2002 Fanderson Convention

When They Were Good, They Were Very, Very Good
UFO Filmography

And When They Were Bad, We Still Loved Them
UFO Filmography Part 2

Who's the Mole?
Alien Logistics

UFO: What's Your Favorite?
Top Ten UFO Scenes

My UFO Artwork

Youthful Musings

Writers' Circle UFO Artwork
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