Berry Sweet Links
Beautifull custom dolls, very original. For sale/trade list, Great site,and Stacey is a "Berry Nice Person"
Awesome custom Berrykins and Party Pleasers. You have to see her work, she also has custom Blow kiss dolls.
Great site to buy any 80's toys. Marla is a Great person, I got many of my dolls from her. There is also a message board.
Jen has a Huge collection, a ton of stuff for sale,lots of information, and this is the home the Swap Shop a great message board to buy, sell, trade ,or just meet other strawberry fans.
Toy Addict:
Jody is "Berry" sweet and a pleasure to do bussiness with. She has many toys and videos for sale.
Mint Tulips Garden Tea Party:
Tania's site has the best collectors information I've seen, a large for sale section, a huge message board , and there's also a chat every friday night at     10:pm  and shes a berry nice person.
Star's Strawberry site:
Star's site has customs, a for sale page including ceramic items, and want list. Star is great to deal with and loves to trade ;)
Rebecca's World of SSC:
Great site has a sale page and pics of her collection. Awesome graphics and scans of vintage ssc ads and stickers. Rebecca is really nice check it out.
Lime Chiffon's Site: Dedicated to the prima ballerina herself :) Really Cute Site and Gail is awesome to do bussiness with
Strawberry Shortcake Forever:
Anna's it is Great! adorable paper dolls a custom gallery , for sale page,  cleaning tips, and much more
Berry Cute Site:
Huge site a must visit
Ragsnmore Strawberry Shortcake page:
Great custom Rag Dolls and More
Heathers Strawberry Patch:
Really nice site worth checking out :)
Great Pics and a lot to see on this awesome site
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