Angel Cake's 
as you can probably tell Angel Cake is my fav. ssc character with Butter Cookie in a close second :) These are pics of her and the merchndise made of her. I still need most of these items so if you have a lead as to where i can get them please email me Thanks
Puffy Magnet....I need this item
Earrings.....also a want
Angel Cake and souffle Sun Catcher set ........I  want this made well or MOC
3-D Picture with Angel and SSC.... yet another item i dont have... lol
Pencils that i forgot existed( i had ssc years ago) till i noticed them on Lime Chiffon's site. Theres an Angel Cake one that i want of course :)
Angel Cake and Souffle Mug....Wanted:)  Pic courtesy of Tina, see her site HERE
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Angel Cake and Souffle Pins... a big want (want all the pins actualy lol)
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