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10.28.03: well, i know this isn't the greatest idea in the world, but i made yet another webpage. you can check it out (by you i mean the people that i pretend visit my site) at http://www.stu.aii.edu/jan371/

08.03.03: yeah, haven't been doing anything to this site in awhile, and then i decided to throw on some more graphic work and a new affiliate. well, he's kind of the same, but it's his forums also. anyway, check it out in my affiliates section, it's an awesome forum, especially the graphics section. check it out!

07.9.03: sorry about the lack of updating, but i just don't have anything that i can update or i'm just way too lazy to actually update it. but i finally did. there are now pictures of my girlfriend from halloween up in the pictures section. maybe i'll start posting news about myself up here also, that way it looks like it's more updated than it really is.

06.14.03: wow, it's been a long time. i've just been busy with work and graduation stuff, but it's finally over (except the work part). i added a picture from graduation up in the pictures section and a new piece of art in the artwork section. i'm still working on getting that scanner usage in, but it may be some time, so don't hold your breath.

05.07.03: i just added the new scrollbar colors. it looks so much better. sorry that i never got around to putting up those pictures, but i dont' have a scanner or anything. i'm working on using a friends for the rest of the pictures to put up. maybe i'll do that after school tomorrow.

05.06.03: i am having some problems on my computer with the stupid script that geocities adds. let me know if you are having it as well. added an affiliate, contact me if you would like to be on my list of affiliates as well. i also worked on the art page and made it look cleaner overall. hopefully putting up a few pictures tonight.

05.05.03: well, the site is finally up. i'm still in the process of putting everything where it needs to be, but should be done with the first version farily soon. well, that's it for now. thanks for visiting
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